My name is Mal and I am 25, female, vegan, and on a journey to make myself happier and healthier, one day at a time.

Here you'll find a catch-all for my aspirations in life. This blog is part fitblr, part general self-improvement, and part personal philosophy blog, among many other things.

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Starting Weight: 183

Current Weight: 163

Goal Weight: 130

Did some yoga tonight! 

You know… I really think yoga is for me. It’s calming and I can go at a slow, steady pace, and I can feel muscles burning and stretching and it’s so nice. My arms are killing me in the best way right now!

I’m going to start learning all the poses, trying out a new one whenever I’ve got the last one remembered decently. Anyone who’s got some links to sites or videos that go into detail about the poses and willing to share them with me would be much appreciated. Stuff geared towards beginners would be best, of course!

Anyone care to help me out?

  1. benditlikebeckhamsadnessblog answered: I think I have some DVDs somewhere that I can figure out how to upload?
  2. sarahbethyoga answered: try youtube! Lots of great yoga instructionals. Try www.yout…
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